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Next New Syrian Girl

Updated: Feb 28

A BEAUTIFUL BOOK that captures so authentically the Syrian-American experience of the aftermath of the Syrian Revolution!

Genre: YA

Ages: 16 plus

Author: Ream Shukairy

Publisher: Little Brown for Young Readers

PREORDER before MARCH 2023 to support❤️

Screening/TW: some minor cuss words, suicide attempt, loss/war trauma, a few steamy moments between love interests but nothing haram!!

(To be clear- the book reads very appropriate for the age group!)

Khadija is a Syrian American living in Michigan, struggling against her moms expectations, her absentee workaholic doctor dad, and Syrian cultural requirements in the community (which frown upon her passion of boxing).

Leene is a Syrian refugee, who is finally in America with her mom after a long journey of loss and sadness. She had to grow up and be the adult, and struggles with feeling hope after such a harsh life.

When both girls collide- they are complete opposites. Leene is everything Khadija is not, and Khadija is someone Leene doesn’t get- but when an unexpected discovery brings them closer, their friendship helps both of them realize they have a lot to learn from each other, and heal.

Ahhhh this book broke me and then stitched me back up! The PLOT TWISTS oh em geeeeee I was gasping and crying! And the love, oh the halal love, it had me having goosebumps from the CHEMISTRY! Prepare to be shook!!!!

The book is going to feel especially powerful for those who are Syrian and Syrian American. It is soooo authentic and full of Syrian culture. Everyone who struggles between two cultures will feel SO SEEN!!

The heartbreak and grief that Syrians feel at the destruction Assad has done to our country is so clearly written and I had so many heartbreaking moments where I felt the love of Syria from the characters radiate out of the page. The bravery and resilience of Syrians was so amazing to see in a book.

I also loved that Khadija’s love interest is a guy who is a Black Muslim, as multicultural love stories are so needed! And they were constantly striving to be HALAL which is so amazing to see!

This book is a truthful and honest portrayal of what it is like to be Syrian, and a must read❤️


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