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Night of the Moon

🌟🌟🌟Added to favorites!!⠀

Age recommendation: 6-8 as it is long

This is such an adorable Ramadan story, perfect for teaching kids all about Ramadan and the phases of the moon.⠀

Yasmeen is excited when her mom shows her the crescent moon signaling the start of Ramadan. She experiences Ramadan and watches how the moon changes during this blessed month. She visits family, she eats iftar with everyone, she goes to the mosque, and she tells her friends at school all about Ramadan. The night of the moon is the night before Eid and she notices that the moon is a crescent again signaling a new month. Yasmeen celebrates Eid by going to the mosque, painting her hands with henna, getting eidee, and wears new dress. But the best part is when she gets a telescope as a gift so that she can continue to watch the moon. ⠀

I really enjoyed this book, especially the words sprinkled here in there about Ramadan and Eid. It really had a nice feel to it and was entertaining for the kids. It is good for teaching the moon phases to young children and the importance of the Islamic calendar.⠀

The illustrations were really cute and gave the book a sweet feel. ⠀

Islamic note: I only wish they capitalized the a in subhanAllah, but it was only in the book twice and I like the definition they gave it and how it was used.⠀

I love this sweet Ramadan tale❤️

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price: 8 usd

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