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NoorKids: "Out of Control"

This was our first Noor Kids box. My kids were so excited, and I encourage everyone to sign their children up. The first box was literally 1 dollar and each month after that is only 7 dollars. Cheapest islamic books ever!

Inside the box comes an intro for parents, a passport, and a book. Inside the book is a sticker page, one of which is the badge of the book. Each badge has a space for it on the passport, and each month the children get to add a badge to their passport, once they learn a new “islamic” skill.

Our first was self-control, and the stories on self-control were displayed in comic book style. My seven year old enjoyed looking at the pictures, reading the comics out loud, and my four year old was so excited to use the stickers.

The comics end with a hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) and the stories really helped the kiddos understand it better. Get yours today At the Noor Kids website!

Best for Ages 5 and up.


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