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Not Quite Snow White

While this is not technically a “muslim-led” book, it is written by a black Muslimah @ashleyfranklinwrites(I also absolutely adored her story in Once Upon a Eid) and is relatable and universal to all children in the way that it teaches self-love and being proud of who you are!⠀

Islamic note: there is mention of music for those uncomfortable with it.⠀

This is such a beautifully illustrated story and absolutely well-written!! This is the PERFECT starting book to teach young kids about race and how being different is beautiful! It highlights how racism happens and teaches children how hurtful racist comments can be. This is a book that actively helps kids be socially conscious.⠀

The title and cover photo right away grabbed my attention. My daughters are huge fans of disney princess movies and love the little dresses that are similar to the princess dress on the cover. (My toddler is currently dressed in an Elsa dress 24/7!) ⠀

The pictures are so beautiful and Tameika is an adorable, sweet, and lovable protagonist.⠀

Tameika loves to sing and act in school plays. She sees an audition posted for a Snow White musical and wants to try out, but a few schoolmates mention that she’s too chubby, too tall, and too brown to be the lead role.⠀

Tameika gets insecure, but her parents notice and immediately step in. They tell her that she is “just enough of all the right things” and is beautiful!⠀

Tameika feels empowered and goes to her audition, tries her best, and sings her heart out! And by the end of the book, as she stands on the stage (as snow white!), she is proud of everything that makes her who she is!⠀

What a beautiful book that teaches kids valuable lessons about race! Kids need to see stories like this to help them think more about how words affect others, and to learn how all races and all colors and all sizes are all beautiful, just the way they are! Definitely a very important book and one that beautifully teaches diversity.⠀

Get yours from Amazon.


price: 24 usd

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