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Not Too Little To Make a Difference

A beautiful new book from Lela Goldsmith about how no one is too small to make a difference❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-8

Author: @lelagoldsmith

Illustrator: Rania Hasan

Published and available @ruqayas.bookshelf

Sofia loves school, but when their crops are ruined, her mom is unable to pay the fees. Sophia helps her mother in the field, but is really sad about not following her dream to be a journalist. So she devises a plan to get the fees herself. She makes tamarind juice, feeds a donkey to help his owner win the race, and collects every penny. But when it all doesn’t add up, she has to find the strength to write from her heart even when it isn’t in school.

I just love books that are about the importance of learning, and I love how this book was about learning even when you aren’t in school. I love how Sofia tries to figure out her problem herself and finds her value in her heart and writing for herself rather than anyone else.

The illustrations were absolutely breathtaking, and I just loved how authentic it was to the authors own experiences and the authors home country of Kenya.

I really appreciated that the journalist who inspired the young girl was a Black Muslim, as I think we often see stories in which it might be “saviorism” in which the inspiration is taking place, so I really enjoyed seeing inspiration be from someone who looks like her!

A beautiful book for our library shelves and an #ownvoicesone that is inspiring and empowering❤️


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