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Nusaiba and the Fifth Grade Bullies

This book defies stereotypes.

Want a book with a strong female heroine for your children? Then this book is for you.

The little girl is Nusaiba; I absolutely love her name, named after an amazing strong sahabiya who actually physically defended the Prophet (pbuh) against harm in a battle! You go, girl!

She hears fifth graders snickering and assumes they are making fun of her mothers hijab! The book is illustrated beautifully with pictures showing her picking out her own special hijab, each hijab taking her on an adventure. The highlight is when Nusaiba defends her mother against the bullies, and shows her pride in her Islamic identity! Such important character building for our children!

Something I absolutely loved: Her mother has such a cool career, and you must read the book to figure out what it is. (something to do with bugs!)

Get your copy now on Amazon for 11.99 dollars.


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