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Oh My Beloved Prophet

To my dearly beloved Prophet Peace be upon you! I can almost hear the angels

as they say it back And I feel the peace

flowing into my heart.

No matter where I am

when I send my salaam

I know it will reach you

And you will send peace to me too

Oh my beloved

On mount Uhud you stood

And as it shook

You called out to it

To be firm

Oh, to be the ground beneath you

That kisses your feet

Oh blessed mountain

Oh blessed ground

Oh my beloved,

A mercy to all

A mercy to the camel

Whose tears overflowed

At the cruelty of its owner

And was embraced by you

Oh fortunate camel

to have been touched

by your blessed hands

Oh my beloved I am jealous of that tree The one that cried  yearning for your closeness

And was cradled by you

A special tree

A blessed tree A lucky tree

Even the mountains and trees

send their salaam to you

Now people are worse Worse than the hardest stones Their hearts closed off Days pass with no mention of your blessed name  Escaping their lips

Oh my Beloved We surely are not worthy But we deeply wish To be among those For whom you plead for

On the day in which

all the Prophets are begged

But only you oblige

And go to your Lord

In prostration

And ask

And save!

Please oh Allah!!

Let me be among those saved

Let me be among those rescued

Let me be among those who enter

the Eternal Gardens

of which no eye has seen

And no human has touched

Will I make it?

On the day we are raised

Like zombies, from the dead. When some will wish they were dust…

Will the good outweigh the bad? Will my book fly towards me

and landin the right hand...

or will my mistakes surprise me?

Tears overflow in my eyes I am not worthy And yet

I think of those prayers you made: “Ummati, Ummati!”

Oh My beloved,  With the face that shined Brighter than the moon The shoulders that carried

the prophetic seal The heart that was opened And washed Until there was not even a speck  Of black

Oh my beloved, We are lost without you How did the world not collapse The day you died How did it continue

To spin on its axis How does the sun rise and fall How do the stars still twinkle And the clouds not cry Constant tears of rain

The world sure feels darker Without you

Oh my beloved

Love for Allah first!

And then you More dear than anything  More dear than my parents  More dear than my husband More dear than my children More dear than myself

Peace be upon you And peace on your Ummah And peace to the world

And peace back to me

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