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Omar and Oliver: The Super Eidilicous recipe

Genre: Bilingual Picture Book⠀

Ages: 6-9⠀

Arabic level: Grades 1-3⠀

Price: 15 usd



⭐️This is such a wonderful new release. It is a bilingual book and totally unique to any other I’ve seen!⠀

Omar and Oliver are two little boys determined to get Judy’s cookie recipe for Eidilicious cookies but Judy won’t let them have it. They try to take it from the window, use an umbrella, and even use a drone, but they fail. At the end, a Eid note on the fridge helps both the boys and Judy make the right decision to share. And everyone enjoys their cookies on the way to prayer.⠀

I read through both the English and the Arabic and I was pleasantly impressed with how close in meaning they are. I usually find that trying to match both languages to each other can weigh a text down, but this book’s bilingual qualities were done perfectly.⠀

There were questions before each different event, which helps readers think about different scenarios that could happen. The next page would then say the answer! I really liked this technique, and I feel like it will help kids think more critically while reading. ⠀

The Arabic was not hard to read, and the book notes it is for level three readers that can read on their own. I love how the publishing company has defined the levels of Arabic reading for their brand, and I found this one spot on in its description.⠀

Another bilingual resource was a list at the beginning that offers tips on how to successfully teach your kid the target language.⠀

I love how this is an interfaith book as well. It is not weighed down by too many facts or any preaching. The book shows a cute normal lovable relationship between two friends and has a page at the end talking about holidays. This is the perfect resource for kids, and I would love to see this in public libraries.⠀

I loved the illustrations and vivid Eid decor. There is even a healthy cookie recipe at the end from a nutritionist. And our set came with free cookie cutters!❤️⠀

I absolutely recommend this exciting bilingual story! This is a perfect Eid gift and perfect for all backgrounds! And its a wonderful Arabic resource, which is always a win.⠀

A must-have for Eid!!

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