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Once Upon a Eid


This book!⠀

Where was this book when I was a young Muslim?!⠀

If the feelings of Eid could be bottled and then put into words- it would be this book! I felt like I was receiving a big wrapped gift of Eid joy as I was reading!⠀

I truly can’t explain it, other than describing it as a feeling of inner warmth that filled me up as I read, like a good sweet cup of chai❤️⠀

I truly felt all the emotions: not just hope and joy, but love, fear, sadness, compassion, laughter, and absolute wonder. I felt the emotions of each character, and the book felt like a hug for all those moments that I felt the same emotions as the characters! All the moments in my life I have felt lost or insecure or like I don’t belong, my emotions felt validated when I read this book and it meant they MATTER! ⠀

This was the book I didn’t know I needed, and now I can’t believe I was able to survive without it!⠀

It was done so perfectly, with each story beautifully diverse. There are so many different Muslim characters, each with a different background (Desi, Egyptian, African, Syrian, Malaysian, and more). Each offered a unique glimpse at a different culture and acunique point of view.⠀

There are stories that make you laugh, and stories that make you cry. There are stories about shy kids, and stories about kids with attitude! There is a story about Eid Al-Adha, and sooo many about Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr. There is heart-wrenching verse, and even a cute comic strip section. There is even a ton of Islamic knowledge and tributes to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).❤️

This book is not only perfect for Muslims, but for everyone!⠀

It evokes compassion and empathy about important concepts like wearing hijab, internal struggles, doing the right thing, family love (or family rivalry), being in different Muslim sects, divorce, refugee issues, financial struggles, convert struggles, illness, and universal to all stories: SO MUCH FOOD!❤️ ⠀

Islamic notes: music/crushes referenced in one story but nothing too serious.⠀

Honestly, 100 percent recommend this book for ages 8 and up. It might be middle grade, but this is a timeless book for all ages❤️❤️⠀


price: 18 usd

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