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One Meal More: A Multicultural Story

What an adorable multicultural Ramadan book from @littlemoonreads !

Genre: Picture Book


Available: Amazon

This cute book counts from 1 to ten, adding meal after meal from different cultures until a whole feast is spread out and Iftar is held.

It starts with one meal of Samboosas, an Australian guest with Pavlova, a Japanese guest with Sushi, a Pakistani with biryani, an Ethiopian with coffee, a Greek guest with Moussaka, a Finnish guest with Karelian pies, a French guest with baguettes, an American with apple pie, and a Mexican guest with guacamole.

I loved the little map at the end showing all the cultures and where they are located in the World. I love that Islam was not limited to one area, but Muslims shown from everywhere in the world.

I did wish some of the foods were more consistent with others in the meal, and more representative of their countries and ethnicities, but the book as a whole is adorable, useful, and fun to read with kids.

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