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One Perfect Eid Day and No More Cake!

What an ADORABLE Eid book!!⠀

Honestly I loved this cute book so much! First off the pictures are by @azramomin who I am a huge huge fan of! They are so adorable and sweet and they definitely brought the Eid spirit into the book!⠀

The book is written in rhymes, and they flowed very nicely. It is also a counting book with the numbers spelled and highlighted for kids to read. It counts up to ten and then back down to one.⠀

I like how every single number was related to something around Eid, whether cards for friends, Eid money, or yummy food.⠀

This is exactly the kind of book we need for little children to be excited about the Islamic holidays. The words throughout the book were very simple and easy to read, and I can see this being used by early readers and for number counting!⠀

I love how it had references to the moon, prayers, lots of family love, and tons of Eid fun!⠀

Get yours from Compass Books.


price: 10 CAD

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