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One Sun and Countless Stars

A beautiful gorgeous book, book three in this preschool series by @henakhanbooks (the first two were about colors and shapes of Muslims)

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 3-6

Available: preorders open on Amazon-the release date is in March

Islamic Note: the first page has the first athan occurring after sunrise. In fact, Fajr prayer is at Dawn. The Islamic ruling of Fajr is that prayer after sunrise is not Islamically correct, and so seeing the illustration makes me feel like either the words should have been changed to signify this, and/or the illustration changed to be without the sun.

This Muslim book of numbers starts from one to ten, and is true to the rest of these books in being engaging, beautiful, and the rhyme flowing well.

Islam is such a central part of this book, whether it’s one for the first athan, two hands for duaa, sadaqah, four lines of a surah, a halaqah, hajj, zamzam, suhoor, tasbih, and salah. There are also pictures of a Masjid, hijabs, the zanzam station at Hajj, ihram (the clothes men wear for hajj/umrah), cultural abayas, and men wearing embroidered hats/kufis.

I especially loved the last page about blessings filling life like the stars in the sky, and it offered a sweet way to end for kids in what is a lovely read aloud book.

The glossary and author’s note were beautifully written and wonderful for teaching Islam.

I think we have definitely been seeing so many Muslim picture books lately, that we have almost become accustomed to seeing so much Islam in a book. But genuinely, it still takes my breath away every time I hold a book like this. I am so happy that we are in a time when Islam is present so proudly in books from traditional publishers! I just hope more effort is put into making sure the Islamic information is accurate.


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