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One Wish: Fatima al-Fihri and the World's Oldest University

Wow! This book took my breath away and is a must have in every school, library, and bookshelf❤️ Genre: Non-Fiction Picture Book Ages: 5-8 Available: Amazon (releases tomorrow!!) This gorgeous book based on the story of Fatima Al-Fihri is truly beautifully written and so important to learn about. Beginning the story with a hadith on the importance of knowledge, the book delves into the life of Fatima and her wish to build a University where all can learn! (The first in the world!!!) Fatima is a refugee who flees her home in Tunis to Morocco. There, Fatima follows her father to the Souq and listens to talk about education. After the deaths of her father and husband, Fatima takes her inheritance and builds the University of Qarawan, which was also a Masjid and a Library. After two years, the university opens and thrives even now as a symbol of Islamic scholarship and of Fatima’s wonderful wish! Islam was mentioned SO MUCH!!! I was so happy to see the translated hadith, Quran read, Sadaqah Jariyah (and what it means) , Masjids, Athans coming from Minarets, fasting, praying and so much Islamic knowledge! Fatima is truly defined by her faith, Islam, and it is the driving force behind her commitment to knowledge and education! How amazing is it to see a book where Islam is the REASON for the empowerment of a little girl and not another stereotypical story! ❤️My favorite part: Fatima fasted to show her gratitude to Allah for the university being built and when it was done, she made a prayer of gratitude!!❤️ The spreads were gorgeous and my favorite drawings were the beautiful arches of the courtyard at the beginning and end of the book! I did wish the pictures of Fatima’s hijab were more covering of her hair, especially while praying, to show accuracy of salat. The Author’s note and extra information was super useful in the back and I appreciated all the sourcing! Truly this book is so important and please request it at your libraries and schools! Books like this counteract stereotypes about Islam and uplift the memory and legacy of amazing Muslim Women in our history such as Fatima Al-Fihri! Def a must have! Check it out❤️

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