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Our Beloved Prophet: Lift a flap

Awww what an adorable new release from @greendomekids all about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)!

Genre: Lift a Flap Board Book

Ages: 0-3

Available: @greendomekids site

This board book is perfect for littles, and my toddler already loves it!!

The story starts with explaining who Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is and then describing his sunnahs: He liked eating dates and watermelon, kids to play, growing trees, wearing white, spending time with family, and loved Allah the most! I liked that these cute qualities were chosen, as little ones are able to connect to these fun pages and therefore feel a loving connection to the beloved Prophet (pbuh).

I loved how an added page had all the “items” he loved, and then the last two pages were SOURCES (so awesome) and a parent page! These were perfectly done!

The illustrations were absolutely gorgeous and the lift a flaps and pages glossy and high quality! Honestly one of my fave spreads was the little girl in a burkini!! How awesome is it to see positive modest swimwear in a book.

A def must have and a beautiful addition to our shelf!

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