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Our Favorite Day of the Year

I was hesitant to post this review, because I do know its such a controversial topic...but I do feel like its important to have these conversations and see the other points of view.

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Available: amazon⠀

Islamic Screening: read full review⠀

The book follows the kindergarten school year of Musa, starting with the first day to the last day of the year.⠀

On the first day, his teacher says that talking about favorites will help the kids in meeting new friends. Musa’s favorite day is Eid, and the next few pages describe Eid. Then his friends Mo, Moises, and Kevin describe their favorite days of Rosh Hashanah, Los Pasados (Latin American Christmas), and Pi day.⠀

I enjoyed the first part of the book and appreciated the diversity in it. I love teaching my kids about different religions and holidays in order to foster kindness and respect of all.⠀

The part where I was concerned was the last few pages where the teacher hands the kids each a calendar with 12 different holidays on them, so that the kids may celebrate all the holidays and remember their friends.⠀

The book emphasizes celebrating ALL the holidays together to the kids as a mark of friendships, both new and old.⠀

⭐️⭐️Here is my concern: as Muslims, many of us choose to teach our kids that we don’t celebrate holidays other than Ramadan/Eids, especially religious based ones. And honestly, to see this in a book...it just seemed to me to completely counter and disrespect the wishes of so many Muslims (for whom this imprint was founded to represent!) ⠀

And also, to say that to celebrate was a mark of friendship...it almost makes it seem like if you don’t celebrate the other holidays, than you won’t make friends. And I feel like that will make Muslim kids feel even more left out than before.⠀

I just feel like the book could easily have been written to say that we can respect each others celebrations, be friends, and still have our own individual celebrations. And that even if we don’t celebrate each holiday everyone else does, we can still be friends.

Books like this just seem to me to increase the pressure of being different...


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