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Our First Eid Celebration

We got this in our@bismillahboxkidsEid Box: Spread the Confetti and Cheer🎉🎉⠀

I love this Eid board book🥰🥰⠀

⭐️⭐️Definitely one of our favorites!⠀

First off I really like how it’s a sturdy board book that little ones can read and play with. I also really like the colorful pictures and the illustrations that convey a festive feeling to little children. Something that I thought was really unique and adorable was the fact that each page shows happy pairs of animals celebrating, and a fun activity would be having your child point out the pairs! So useful for teaching language and vocabulary to toddlers.⠀

I really liked the rhymes and how they flowed; they were very simple and easy for children. I like how the book isn’t too long and it’s not wordy. I do feel like it’s suitable for the age group it’s intended for.⠀

The book is perfect for both of the Eids and states quick facts about both of them.⠀

🎉I also like how there was Arabic sprinkled in the book, but not overly, which is useful for kids learning the Arabic Eid phrases!⠀

I loved how the book ends with the remembrance and glorification of Allah🤲🤲❤️⠀

This book is sold individually at@jarirbooksus and my Amazon page.

price: 7 usd


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