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Our World is A Family

A beautiful ARC/book on diversity in the world❤️

Genre: Picture book

Ages: 4-6

Available: Amazon

I really liked this book from @sourcebookskids ! The first thing I noticed was 3 hijabi girls on the front cover, one of whom has a sign that says ahlan wa sahlan in Arabic (welcome).

The book shows how the world is diverse, with all people having the same basic human needs. There are people in different climates and different areas. People all over speak different languages and signs are shown to show some (Salaam was pictured)

Sometimes people need to flee their homes, due to climate change or war. The book explores how hard it is to leave, and mentions that its important to make newcomers feel welcome. Furthermore, the book gives specific examples of being welcoming: a smile, a hand, a nice word (here the book shows different phrases meaning I am here for you, among which was an Arabic one!)

The book gives more examples of friendship and kindness (like drinking tea) and learning how to say I love you in a different language (also pictured in Arabic)! And it ends with saying that there is a place for everyone, and more welcome signs in different languages (another Arabic one).

The Muslims in the illustrations are plenty, and the art is absolutely gorgeous and well done! I loved all the different hijab-clad Musim girls in the book (I counted around 12 in the actual story and thats not including the many on the cover, inside cover, and inside front illustrated page.

There were also many diverse characters including people of all colors, people of different religions (Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu), people with a disability, and more!

I enjoyed how the story was simple, used kid-friendly terms easy to understand, and had a oh-so kind message that can be understood by kids of all backgrounds.

Some parts of this book that made it unique were some masks in the illustrations! Def a cute “covid life touch”.

I also really liked how the book showed that being a refugee and being a welcoming person is not limited to a color or race, and different people were shown for both examples.

This book is a universal book that can be appreciated by anyone!

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