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Paradise is Oh So Nice

This is such a sweet book, perfect for kids ages 4 and up.

It talks of Jannah and how it is the reward from Allah. This teaches kids about the love of Allah and encourages them to yearn towards making it to Jannah by being good people.

The Islamic edition uses the word Allah while the regular edition uses the word God.

I personally preferred the Islamic edition because I want my kids to associate Allah’s name with all his blessings and rewards, but It is awesome that there are two versions depending on who is reading the book. Any child, no matter what background, will enjoy this lovely story of imaginative fun.

The illustrations are so cute and the book is written in clever rhyme, both of which had my kids giggling and smiling the whole time! Their favorite part was the hair made of curly fries☺️😋 There is also an activity at the end that encourages children to use their imagination❤️

Get yours now from the Prolance website (for around 17 dollars)


There is even a book trailer on youtube!


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