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Pizza in his Pocket

“Always be thankful to Allah for all your yummy food, Share what you have with others because not sharing is rude!”⁠

Genre: Picture Book⁠

Ages: 4-6⁠

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore@kubepublishing

What an adorable and yet lesson-based book for littles by @zainbhikhaofficial

The book is based on a verse from the Quran that is referenced on the back cover, about how we should eat from what Allah has provided and be thankful. ⁠

The story starts with a little boy who eats too much to fill his tummy to the point of feeling pain. He goes on a journey of eating from dates in Damascus all all the way to the Bahamas!! Detailed are many different foods and sweets from around 9 different places all over the world. When the little boy encounters a hungry girl though, he stops. He is so sad and realizes that he is overeating. This prompts him to get food to share! And the book ends with a lesson on not overeating, sharing with others, and being thankful to Allah.⁠

I love that the book listed so many diverse cities and places, and I enjoyed the illustrations on the world map in the pages. The little details and landmarks shown help children be introduced to the geography and vastness of the world, and all the different foods and cultures.⁠

The illustrations, silly story, and fun fonts and rhymes were all on point and amazing. All my kids loved this book and it was super fun to read!⁠

Honestly I think this just might be my favorite out of the other two songbook titles the author came up with. The bonus of listening to the YouTube video while we read only excites the kiddos and helps them with their reading practice.

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