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Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission

One of my absolute Favorites⭐️⭐️Spoiler Alert!!⠀

Genre: Chapter Book/Middle Grade⠀

Ages: 8/9-12⠀

Price: 14 usd⠀



Islamic notes: mentions of Allah, duaa, and general good morals.⠀

Omar is back!!! And with even more adventure and more fun!! I really don’t know how@zanibmianmanages to do it each time, but her books are timeless, fun, educational, and interesting all in one!⠀

This third book in the series is about the mysterious circumstance of Omar’s teacher Mrs.Hutchinson’s disappearance. Omar (and his wild imagination) decides that she has been abducted by aliens. It doesn’t help that his new teacher “Mrs.Cranky” is determined to make class as miserable as possible.⠀

He, and his friends, set out all over town to find her but they can’t manage to figure out where she has gone.⠀

And none of the grownups will tell them anything. ⠀

In the meantime, Omar’s parents are planning on taking him to Pakistan. Omar travels there and observes Pakistan with his beautiful innocence and genuine goodness (he gives his shopping money to a beggar), and then he actually manages to spot his beloved teacher in the market!!⠀

His parents help him find her and it turns out she is pregnant (she has NOT swallowed an alien) and is resting with her Pakistani husband in Lahore.⠀

Omar is relieved to find his favorite teacher is not with aliens after all.⠀

Honestly, this book is so adorable and it made me laugh out loud numerous times. Omar’s relatable qualities, his good morals, his kindness, and his smart intuition into people around him makes viewing the world through his lens a delightful experience.⠀

And I love how he is unapologetically a British Muslim and proud of it!⠀

I would definitely recommend this book to middle-grade readers, as well as the first two in the series!

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