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Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy

Age: 7-12

Islamic screening: no issues

I mean, if there ever was a perfect chapter book made for little Muslim boys living in the west, this would be it!!@zanibmianhas done an amazing job continuing Omar’s journey in this second book and showing his sense of adventure, excitement, kindness, and intelligence! This is the same funny character we have grown to love in the first book, back with a mystery this time!

Omar’s beloved neighborhood mosque is in danger of closing down, and so Omar and his two best friends Daniel and Charlie come up with ideas to save it. Omar does chores around the house, but he decides that it isn’t enough to reach the goal of 30,000.

He comes up with the idea of a talent show and he talks with his favorite teacher. His teacher and principal help him set it up at school (which I thought was so awesome) and they raise a little over 1000.

But the next day, Omar realizes the money is missing.

The reader is swept up in the fun world of mystery solving and the end is a twist you won’t see coming! I won’t spoil it, just because I really loved reading about it myself, and I want the readers to enjoy that too.

The book includes Islamic morals and influences and helps instill pride and connection for every little Muslim reading the book!

link to buy:

price: 14 usd

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