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Prophet Ibrahim's Search for Allah

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-3⠀



price: 9 usd

This board book covers one of the aspects of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) life, and that is his search for Allah, mentioned in the Quran.⠀

Ibrahim (AS) looks at the sky and sees a star, which he thinks is his Lord, but then realizes it can’t be when it disappears from the sky.⠀

When he sees the Moon he says the same, but gets disappointed when it leaves the sky. ⠀

When he sees the Sun, which seems the brightest, set and leave as well...he comes to the conclusion that there is a Lord above all these that controls them, a Lord that never sets, that never disappears, that is controlling everything in the Universe and is not controlled by the day or night.⠀

The book is made of good quality and perfect for little hands. The pictures are cute and the colors and shapes perfect for little babies to look at. My toddler loved pointing out all the animals and the stars.⠀

I did note minor grammar mistakes, but the book is still beautiful and fun to read, and the mistakes don’t affect it too much.

It contains valuable lessons in aqeedah that will help strengthen a kid’s belief in Allah.⠀

Check it out.

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