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Prophet Nuh and the Great Ark Activity Book

This came in the @bismillahboxkids themed: Trust in Allah and Build Your Ark!⛵️ ⠀


Genre: Activity Book⁣

Ages: 5-8⁣

Islamic concerns: some wording changes would be better.⁣

Price: 4 USD⁣

Available at: @sirajstore @crescentmoonbookstore

⭐️This activity book from @kubepublishing is so adorable and full of fun activities for the kids to do.⠀⁣


It starts off with a little girl asking her father about the rain, and him telling her about Prophet Nuh (AS) and his ark.⠀⁣


Throughout the story, little activities are arranged to help children fully grasp the story and remember it. Activities include a word search, coloring, matching, different picture exercises, and connect the dots. The activites were super easy and fun to do and my 6 year old loved doing them on her own!! ⁣

Win-she didn’t need much help!!! I really love when she can complete activity books independently!⠀⁣


The story mentions how Prophet Nuh (AS) built the Ark and listened to Allah even though there was no water nearby. It mentions that the believers and a pair of each animal boarded the ark before the storm, but that the people that didn’t believe refused to board.⠀⁣


Then it mentions the storm and that the ones not on the ark, the non-believers, drowned. My only problem with this activity book lies in how it is described as “finally” they were destroyed and killed. I don’t like this kind of wording, as I feel like a Muslim shouldn’t feel happiness at the loss of life. Even Prophet Nuh (AS) lost family members in the flood and was sad about it. A word usage change could have solved this issue: saying simply that those that were not on the ark drowned, and that it was a sign to listen to Allah’s orders. That signals the importance of obeying Allah without confusing children. This was only the second to last page though, and I loved the rest of the book!⠀⁣


⭐️The last page is the translation of the ayah from the Quran that describes the story of Nuh (AS). I really liked that this book was sourced, which kept it islamically accurate.⠀⠀⁣


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