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Prophet Stories from the Quran

Genre: a storybook with a few activities

Ages: 4-7

Available: my Amazon page


price: 9 usd

Islamic notes: clean, though I wish the Prophets’ names had (AS) after them.

This cute storybook is a fun way to review the stories of the Prophets and do a few engaging activities as well.

There are 7 engaging Prophet stories, (Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Suleiman, Yusuf, Musa, and Yunus) and each has a small portion of the whole story mentioned. I loved how this introduces little children to the Prophet stories with important lessons, and the fun interactive activities helps kids memorize the stories even better.

The activities were varied and very educational. Some were mazes, some number games, and some matching. My 6 year old enjoyed doing them, and they were done independently by her, which was a relief for me.

The stories were written well, written appropriately for that age group, and were even read independently by my early reader. I did notice a few grammar issues, but nothing that really affected the stories.

One of my favorite parts was that it was based on the Quran. Ayah references are provided for extra learning from the Quran for older kids, and the information represented is exclusively information from the Quran. I liked that it was authentic.

I loved this activity book as a fun introduction to the Prophets. It is a good past-time for a weekend, and the text is suitable for little ones. I also liked that it was only 9 usd on Amazon, and so not too expensive for all the information included.

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