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Prophet Sulaiman and the Queen Ant

Updated: May 7, 2020

A beautiful interactive board book for ages 2 and up!

The story is about Prophet Sulaiman and his journey to see Queen Sheba. It talks about how he was marching with his army when he heard an ant cry out to its fellow ants to hide, or else they might get trampled. This inspired him to thank God for the blessing of being able to understand animals and it increased his empathy for nature! I absolutely love how this book highlight emotions throughout every page! This is a good opportunity to discuss different emotions with children. I also love how it increases empathy in children for nature and animals. By providing an example of an amazing Prophet that cared for living creatures, it inspires children to do the same! It was amazing how the book included Palestinan themes (the flag colors/, country shape, and masjid Al-Aqsa). It is so important to increase our children’s love of Jerusalem as the third holiest site in Islam, and this book helps increase their connection by giving them more knowledge of it. The illustrations and colors are fabulous and very engaging to children. MashaAllah I was so impressed with the quality of the reusable stickers; kids can remove them over and over and stick them how they want on the book. This book is a must-have for every Muslim household!

Get yours from the supremely talented Zair Zabr Play for 24.99 usd.


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