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Prophet Yunus: Swallowed by the Whale (activity book)

Genre: Activity Book⠀

Ages: 3-8

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore@kubepublishing@muslim.memories


price: 4 usd

This activity book came in our @bismillahboxkids theme: Dive Towards the Mer-Sea of Allah!!

This activity book by @kubepublishingwas so adorable and I thought it was very educational and wonderful for kids!!⠀

I love that it had the complete story of Prophet Yunus (AS) including how he left his people, was thrown off the boat into the sea due to his name coming up in lots, swallowed by the whale, spit up near a pumpkin plant, and then came back to his people and found them having repented to Allah!⠀

As per usual in this wonderful series, the activity book is full of activities that are really fun to do and simple enough for kids to do on their own. The illustrations are so adorable and the vibrant colors are attractive for kids! The fun story helps the kids learn more about Prophet Yunus (AS) and remember it in the future!

I really like that the last page of the book includes the Quranic ayahs and their translation for reference, and I always like seeing the sources in books- This is a wonderful inclusion in this series.

For more fun activity books and fun Islamic themed subscription boxes, make sure to check out @bismillahboxkids and sign up at for your first free mini trial box🎉

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