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Proud by Ibtihaj Muhammad

Age recommendation: this can be read by ages 14/15 and up! I would even recommend it for adults.

Islamic screening: not really any red flags/ some free gender mixing

Honestly, I was blown away by how inspiring @ibtihajmuhammadis. She had to work ten times as hard as anyone else to even get to the Olympics and get a chance to win, and she faced numerous obstacles in her way because of other people’s perceptions about her race and religion.

Can you believe she made it to the Olympics without a reliable coach, without support from her own team, and while struggling physically from an ankle sprain as well as food poisoning?

Honestly, seeing all the snide remarks she faced from people made me so sad, but it really hits home. Her struggle is so relatable to any young Muslimah, and it is amazing how she handles it all with grace and dignity and does not stoop down to ignorant people’s level. She is an example on how to be strong and chase your dreams, while being proud of your faith.

One thing that really stuck with me from the book was how amazing her mother is! She was so strong and firm, and her no-nonsense attitude really seems to be the drive behind Ibtihaj’s strength and drive to always be the best. I love how her mom told her fencing was a good sport because the whole body is covered-but it also shocked me that both Ibtihaj and her sister Faiza needed waivers for wearing their hijab under the gear!! It doesn’t even show!

Its even shocking she was once asked to take off her hijab for “security” in Brussels Airport in Europe. It is crazy how even an Olympian isn’t immune to islamaphobia and discrimination.

Ibtihaj’s comments in the book about taking off Hijab being like being stripped of all clothes really resonated with me, and I felt her pain and fury in my heart.

The book is extremely educating about the sport of fencing and how much hard work it takes to be an Olympian, and it is a must-read!

I feel it promotes youth to be empowered with their Hijab and proud of their religion, and not settle for anything!


price: 18 usd

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