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Quran Explorer Game

Item: Islamic Board Game⠀

Ages: 6 and up (depends on level of child)⠀

Available: @sirajstore and my Amazon page

price: 21 usd


Islamic notes: contains dice, but it can easily be replaced with a spinner or online random counter.⠀

We absolutely loved this game!!! Honestly, as a whole, I felt the game was perfect for kids: my 6 year old and 9 year were able to play, and the questions ranged from easy to hard, so even I learned a lot of new facts!⠀

It comes with different game pieces, a dice, a board, instructions, question and answer deck of cards, and Quran Cards.⠀

I loved how the board was a map with different Islamic areas such as Jabal Nur and Makkah, etc. I loved how it was built similar to a regular board game and easy to navigate with our game pieces.⠀

The nice thing about the question deck was that it had multiple choices, so the kids got their memory jogged and they could always guess the answer if they didn’t know it. Each question had a source from where it was derived from the Quran for extra learning.⠀

The Quran cards had translations of ayahs of the Quran for the kids to read aloud from and learn.⠀

The game is based on Quranic knowledge and it was full of seerah, Prophet stories, and Quranic facts.⠀

The kids really liked this game and I enjoyed seeing them learn so much! After playing it numerous times, they started to remember the answers more.⠀

Super fun and a definite recommendation!

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