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Ramadan Basket Ideas for all AGES

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Honestly, there is nothing I like more than putting together our yearly tradition of Ramadan Baskets. I spend hours sifting through websites to find the perfect items to bring together a cohesive basket that my children will like.

Ramadan is the perfect time to introduce my kids to new Islamic items and get them excited about strengthening their Deen. I genuinely also want them to be excited about the holiday of Ramadan and not yearn to celebrate any other holiday. This is the holiday that they should be most excited about (as well as the two eids) and so I put a lot of effort into making it special for them.

I also feel like this basket will hopefully keep them occupied during the long days of fasting where I am at times too tired to do anything with them.

This year, I decided to put together a post detailing the perfect Ramadan basket inserts for each age group, seeing as I already combed through a lot of websites until I found the perfect items. I hope you enjoy the choices I picked. Each item is linked back to the website you can buy it from, for your convenience. I included prices and a full basket price as well (I tried to keep each basket around 100 dollars).

I also put together pictures to help with imagining the finished result!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Baskets:

Ages 0-3:


Custom personalized basket (11 usd)

What I really like about these baskets is that they are super durable and the name of the child is on them. It adds a personal touch to a basket that can be used year after year. While the Jasmine Dew boutique that makes these did close down, I found similar ones linked here.


These inserts are all picked in mind that this young age likes very tactile items that they can play with. The book is a board book, and everything else can be played with over and over, so even your little one can feel the Ramadan spirit!

1. Jumbo Felt Tasbeeh (21 usd)

2. R is for Ramadan (9 usd)

3. Ramadan Wrist band (1.50 usd)

4. Glow Star Wand (3 usd)

5. Ramadan Plate Set (23 usd)

6. Paint your own Masjid (11 usd)

7. Ramadan stickers (4 usd)

8. Ramadan Dinosaur Coloring Book (7 usd)

Total: 96 usd

Ages 4-6:


Ramadan Tote bag: (26 usd)

For this age group, we actually put a tote bag instead of a basket. This age group likes to carry around their items with them and it is easier for them to have a bag to put it all in, instead of an open basket that the items might fall out of.


We put more experience-based learning for this age: an Iftar apron for helping in the kitchen, a masjid centerpiece for the kitchen table, and a notebook to jot recipes down (with mama's help) with their Ramadan pencil. A sahaba pin and travel dua' keyring can be proudly displayed on their tote bag, and inside you can put the beautiful book (all about Ramadan Iftars) and fun activity book!

1. My Travel Dua' Keyring (13.99 usd)

2. Momin Explorer's Fun Book (12 usd)

3. Ramadan Recipes Notebook (6 usd)

4. Wooden Color in Masjid Craft (5 usd)

5. Ramadan Pencil (1 usd)

6. Sahaba Pins (7 usd)

7. Iftar Apron (12 usd)

8. The Gift of Ramadan (17 usd)

Total: 100 usd

Ages 6-8:


Basic Plastic Basket (8 usd):

This basket is a basic basket that will hold all your items for Ramadan and is not an expensive option, because for this age, it matters more what's in the basket than how it looks!


An engaging chapter book for these early readers, all about waking up for suhoor. The activity book is for fun Ramadan activities that they can do on their own, and the Matching game includes all the Ramadan terms in both Arabic and English (and is super fun to play). A Qibla sticker, wudu chart, Ipray Salah pad, and Prayer rug complete the basket for this age that might just be starting their prayers this Ramadan.

1. The Little Green Drum (early reader chapter book) (8 usd)

2. Ramadan Activity Book (9 usd)

3. Ramadan Matching Game (18 usd)

4. Qibla sticker (3 usd)

5. Ipray Salah Pad (girls/boys) (30 usd)

6. Prayer rug for children (10 usd)

7. Wudu Chart (11 usd)

Total: 97 usd

Ages 9-12:


Star Basket: 16 usd

This big foldable functional star covered basket is perfect for putting everything inside, and for children who like to safe-guard their items in their rooms, and then after Ramadan, these can be used to store anything!


An engaging chapter book, crescent paper clips, a fun journal, and trivia cards are the educational items for Ramadan learning. For fun, we included a Ramadan t-shirt, cookie cutters for the budding chefs, and a stamp set to make lots of Ramadan cards.

1. Moon and Star Paper clips (5 usd)

2. Pray and Play Journal (10 usd)

3. Ramadan Tee (21.50 usd)

4. Isa's First Fast (13 usd)

5.5Pillars Trivia Cards (10 usd)

6. Set of 5 Ramadan Cookie cutters (6 usd)

7. Stamp a Masjid Scene (23 usd)

Total: around 105 usd

Teenagers and Young Adults:


Crescent Star Creations Basket: (30 usd)

A Classy Basket that can be filled, and then reused later on to keep together any items teenagers like to store in their closets. This basket has elevated style for even the most fashionable of teenagers.


A journal for reflection, a mini Quran to take everywhere and read, magnetic markers and reminders to read special surahs, a book with wonderful examples of pious role models, and a personalized Dhikr beads to encourage remembering Allah.

1. Ramadan Reflections Journal (8.99 usd)

2. Magnetic Quran Markers (6 usd)

3. Prayers of the Pious (13 usd)

4. Mini Rainbow Quran (20 usd)

5. Personalized Dhikr Beads (25 usd)

Total: 103 usd

For more Ramadan Basket Ideas, Go to my Amazon page!

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