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Ramadan Lights

A beautiful new Ramadan release with a gentle rhyming story and beautiful illustrations!

Genre: Picture book

Ages: 4-6

Author: Jenny Molendyk Divleli

Illustrator: Halime Nur Sevim

Publisher: Karavqn Cocuk/Oak Creative

The story starts with decorating for Ramadan, with some lights and banners, and the lights are strung from minarets and are welcoming the crescent moon in the sky. Then Ramadan begins-kids run around as adults pray and in the morning that Ramadan drummer wakes everyone up for the pre-dawn meal . The kids fast and wait for Iftar, and they feel fulfilled at helping others during this blessed month and reading Quran, and once the last 10 nights come, and Laylat Alqadr arrives, they increase their prayers, and Eid finally comes with joy and celebration.

The story is a celebration of all the special parts of Ramadan, and it is written and beautiful, gentle rhyme and complemented with soft, gentle pictures that radiate joy on every spread.

I liked that Laylatul Qadr was included and that the children in the book fasted and participated in so many good deeds throughout. It helps the reader feel more involved in the story, and it feels like a warm hug by the end.

Check it out❤️


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