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Ramadan Reflections

This just might be my favorite nonfiction book this year!

Genre: Adult Nonfiction

Author: Aliyah Umm Raiyaan

Publisher: Penguin UK in the UK and Sourcebooks in the US

I will be the first to admit that I am def more inclined towards reading fiction and that I usually have a hard time finishing nonfiction books. But truly this book is diffferent!!!

This gorgeous book is divided into 30 parts, each part for one day of Ramadan- and each being made of an author reflection, Islamic inspiration, a duaa, quotes from scholars, and then a few pages to jot down your own reflections. The three parts are the past, present, and future- and each chapter covers a deen related topic that covers an issue within these themes.

I liked how the book didn’t have too much journaling in it tbh, bc I usually don’t like to journal (lol surprising I know as a writer- but I prefer typing to pencil writing). This book was the perfect amount of text and journaling balanced- and it was written in such an impactful way that I found myself really soaking in each chapter and pausing and enjoying the journaling process at the end!

The book truly is healing and spiritual- I found myself crying and reflecting often- and the slowing down and really reflecting on powerful parts of our deen was so warming to my heart and so powerful in inspiring me to feel spiritual.

A def must have for every Muslimah- this book is truly life changing and the perfect Ramadan read❤️


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