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Rami the Ramadan Cat

This book by @robyntothetee and published by @ruqayas.bookshelfis part of the newest books they have published this year. And this one is perfect for Ramadan!!⠀

Saleem is a young boy who has moved to a new town before Ramadan, and he misses his cousins and friends that he left behind. He meets a little lost kitten and calls him Rami, because it is “Ram”adan.⠀

Rami helps Saleem feel not as lonely as before, and slowly, Saleem finds himself attached to his new friend.⠀

Saleem helps his mom and dad put up posters of the cat around the neighborhood for people to see and for the owners to come and claim the cat. But secretly, Saleem makes a duaa that Rami can stay with him forever. ⠀

But then, Rami’s owner claims him and Saleem gets sad. Even the Eid decor and Eid pie can’t cheer him up. Saleem is surprised when Rami comes back on Eid day, and it looks like Saleem might get the best Eid gift ever after all!⠀

I loved this story and the lessons it taught about doing the right thing, even if you might not want to. This is so important to teach to children, and even though it might be a struggle, it is always worth it to act morally, just like Saleem did in the book. Being good is always rewarded by Allah!⠀

I also liked the concept of duaa in the story. The duaa Saleem made really did come true in the end- he was actually able to keep his friend forever! I love teaching children about the power of duaa and to always to turn to Allah when they want something. ⠀

I really like how the family is bi-racial and I even like how Saleem said Mom and Dad in the book. It is lovely to see diversity in Muslim families and this seems to be a non-Arab/desi family. There are many American/Canadian families that have converted or been born from converted families, and I love seeing this in a book for kids of all backgrounds can relate to.⠀

Also: I am obsessed with cats! The pictures are beautiful and the kitten is so ADORABLE and feels real enough to cuddle! It made me so happy❤️⠀

Get yours here:

price: 13 CAD

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