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Rashad's Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr

Honestly I really love this book and I was so impressed with it! ⠀

It has been published by a traditional publishing company, and is the perfect introduction to Ramadan for both Muslim kids and non-Muslim! It is very easy to read and summarizes the virtues of Ramadan in simple ways that are easy for children of all backgrounds to understand. It is the perfect gift to give to a child who might want to know more about Ramadan, or to gift to schools to have a Ramadan resource.⠀

I like how it has facts about Ramadan on each page in little Purple boxes. I also really loved how the characters in the book were African-American, because I love seeing the diversity of Muslims and this was perfectly done.❤️

Ramadan is explained very well,talking about how Ramadan and fasting is all done for Allah. It mentions the sick and children who are not expected to fast. ⠀

The book also talks about the significance of the crescent moon and how Ramadan/ Eid are based on a lunar Islamic calendar.⠀

Doing good deeds, giving charity, avoiding arguments, going to the Masjid to pray, and even the Quran (Koran) are mentioned (it is mentioned to be the special book revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).⠀

Eid is also shown and explained, showing the prayers being done outside (loved this!) and showing how the family celebrated🎉⠀

The book ends with a Ramadan craft and a glossary.⠀

I just loved this book! I feel like it is a perfect resource for teaching Ramadan, and a perfect gift to schools and libraries.⠀

An Islamic note: there was a mention that the fast starts at sunrise instead of Dawn. This is unfortunately a common mistake about fasting. To be honest, I was recently made aware of this too! 😅I even see it in books published by Muslims, subhan Allah. ⠀

Get yours from Amazon. It is available on my Amazon page in the category: Ramadan books for kids.


price: 9 usd

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