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Read and Rise

I love this Read and Rise book from@learningroots

This book is basically a Quranic Arabic learning book. I would recommend it for children who already have a basic knowledge of the Arabic Alphabet and need help in learning to read faster in order to read the Quran better.

It is similar in learning style to the “nooraniyah” style that is taught by many. I really like how the book divides the Arabic into sections and slowly gets the child accustomed to reading harder and harder words.⠀

I LOVED the games! Having my kids find the letters and words on their own and read on a timer helped encourage them to increase their reading frequency and try to do it faster.⠀

There is also a whole section on teaching Tajweed that really helps learning and applying the ahkam or rules of recitation.

I would definitely recommend this book to be used along with the kiitab pen! ⠀


price: 17 usd

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