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Remarkable Muslim Women

A beautiful book about Muslim Women throughout history and one that would be so useful as a teaching resource for older youth!

Genre: Nonfiction

Ages: 13 and up

Author:Maryam Yousaf

Cover and design: Sheeba Shaikh


This beautiful nonfiction book covers 20 stories of remarkable Muslim women through the ages. Starting with Hajar and Asya may Allah be pleased with them, and up to Rebiya Kadeer and Razan al-Najjar in modern times, the book has a lovely and diverse collection of inspiring individuals!

I loved how Islam was centered for each of these women and it is inspiring to see a modern written book on Muslim women for our children. I have sought out some classical books about Muslim women that seem dated and written by men, and honestly I prefer this book written by a Muslim woman because it is truly inspirational and written better in my opinion. This fills a huge gap in Islamic literature and connects well with a modern audience.

Each story has an intro, with the date of this persons life on earth, a reflections area with further inspiration from the persons life, and discussion questions for further thinking. This would make for great halaqah material and even middle or high school islamic studies curriculum.

I love the way the book is set up! It is beautifully organized and pleasing to read, written in an easy to understand manner, and thus making it easy for older tweens and teens to get through. I also loved it as an adult and found myself learning a lot as well.

I also appreciated how a well known shaykh was involved in verifying it as well as three editors involved in helping develop it. I can definitely see the care put into it and it truly elevates it to a higher standard.

A true recommendation from me!


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