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Respecting Your Mother- Akhlaaq series

Genre: picture book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

To be honest, I felt like this book was really disappointing.⠀

While the intention is good, and I see that the main idea is to teach kids that respecting your mother is a value that they should have, I definitely do not feel that the idea translated through with the text.⠀

There was no story line. The kids Saaliha and Ali come home from the grocery store and help their mom put stuff away and clean and cook. And their mom is happy, and that is that. There is no conflict, nothing super interesting, and the whole book feels very fake and not real. ⠀

The book uses too much adverbs and the text really did not seem to be well-written or descriptive enough for kids, but was obviously written by an adult and seemed condescending for kids.⠀

The pictures were strange too, and I did not feel like the illustrations were attractive. The mom actually looked kind of scary to me, and the boys bug hat was creepy.⠀

If this was meant to be for young ones, than it should have been made a board book, and not a picture book that can easily be ripped by little hands.⠀

I just feel like this was a cheaply made product that is being sold to parents for their kids to teach them, but that is so forgettable that it is disappointing to me that Islamic companies are still making low quality products like this. ⠀

Maybe the rest of the series is better, I don’t know...⠀

We need better books, Islamic books that our kids reach for over and over and that impact them. Not something that will be thrown to the side after the first reading experience.⠀

And this is just my honest opinion.⠀

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