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Room For Everyone

This book is soooo cute!!!! Numbers, diversity, fun, Islam and more❤️❤️❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6

Available: my Amazon page; link in bio

MashaAllah this book genuinely is one of a kind, and I am just amazed at the beautiful new Muslim books that came out this year!

Musa is a little boy from the Island of Zanzibar, and is headed to the beach with his Dada! They get on the Daladala (a bus) and off they go! But the driver keeps stopping to ask every person they pass if they need a ride, and Musa gets worried if there will be room for everyone??

They pass by 1 man in a bike, a boy with 2 goats….and on until they get to 10 divers! Everyone makes it to the beach and “Alhamdulilah!” is said when the bus finally comes to a stop. And Musa is finally able to enjoy the beach with Dada!

I loved how the book used numbers and counting to teach children, and the images had the items pictured so that kids could count along. These numbered items were hilarious and outrageous, and so fun to read!

Each time Musa is worried about making space, the reader finds herself feeling worried for him ( which is truly masterful in a book like this) and yet the giggles and chaos that ensues keep it lighthearted! The book recognizes kids emotions in real life when they go on a fun trip and are anxious, wanting that nothing go wrong, and yet shows the beauty and patience of those older adults who are willing to make space in order for everyone to benefit as a community❤️

I loved the title and the idea of making room for everyone, and the inclusivity of this reminded me of the Islamic theme of Barakah and blessings and how there is always more room for everyone in a gathering, and with food!

The African setting and Black Muslim characters (many of whom wore hijab) made this an even more amazing read for kiddos, as it teaches about the diversity of Islam and the beauty of Africa! #blackmuslimjoy ❤️

The book is high-quality, the images gorgeous, the font varied and colorful, and the rhymes absolutely perfect! Such a fun read aloud with the kiddos, that even my 10-year-old listened in!

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