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Running Overload


Age recommendation: ages 6-12 can enjoy this beautiful graphic novel.⠀

This@capstonepub(love all the diversity in their books) graphic novel is not too long, with around 65 pages, big comic-style pictures, and huge captions perfect for early and advanced MG readers. It was read in one sitting by my 9 year old and is a fun and light read full of valuable lessons.⠀

Nimo is an eight-grader that was accepted into the high school varsity cross-country team. She is nervous about being the youngest one, and struggles to prove that she is just as good as everyone else. She starts over-exerting herself, stops spending time with her family, starts lying to her parents about studying while sneaking out to do extra runs, and stops focusing on her school work.⠀

As a result, Nimo’s grades start suffering and her knee gets strained. Her dad finds out about her lies and makes her quit the team.⠀

Nimo is devastated, but after talking with her former Coach and some self-reflection, she realizes she needs to make some changes. Nimo promises her dad that she’ll do better and keep a balance in her life, and he lets her join the team again. And, with her help, her team is finally able to win their cross-country meet.⠀

I love how Nimo is so proudly a Muslim girl, wearing her hijab and running with long modest clothes, and yet her religion is not the main focus. She is accepted by the team and no one seems to think she can’t play the sports due to her different clothes! So awesome to see in a book for young ones.⠀

I also loved that Nimo is an African American Muslim, and that her parents are practicing Muslims. I love seeing more of these Muslim black-led books!⠀

Nimo’s parents are divorced, but it wasn’t a big deal, and they were both on the same page with taking care of her and respected each other’s opinions. They also both showed up to cheer her on in the meets together. So beautiful to see parents put aside any differences for the sake of coparenting their kids.

This book is such a beautiful positive representation of Muslims in traditional publishing! ⠀

Get yours from @crescentmoonbookstore


price: 9 usd

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