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Sadiq Series (second 4 books)

One of my Most Favorite Series EVER⭐️⭐️⠀

Genre: Chapter Books/Early Readers⠀

Age Recommendation: 8-10⠀

Price: each 7 usd⠀

Available: Amazon⠀


Islamic notes: the Perfect Play contains mentions of music/singing.⠀

⭐️⭐️I just love these next 4 installments of the Sadiq series by@simannuurali

True to the first four’s form, these are very stem-based and educational, while also representing Sadiq and his Muslim faith and Somali-American culture beautifully.⠀

Sadiq and the Bridge Builders deals with the issue of Flash Flooding and how creativity and engineering can help solve Natural Disasters.⠀

Sadiq and the Perfect Play deals with putting on a creative play while learning leadership skills and delegating. It also shows friendship problems and how to fix them. ⠀

Sadiq and the Ramadan Gift talks about Ramadan time and a sadaqa “charity” Iftar that Sadiq and his friends plan. Sadiq learns that you can raise money for and help more than one cause. ⠀

Sadiq and the Explorers deals with the topic of nature and being a field explorer. It has many cool details about plants and animals and a fun scavenger hunt and block party to make it exciting to read.⠀

I love how these books show a Muslim American child doing normal things while also being a practicing Muslim and proud of his heritage. This series is educational and fun at the same time, and definitely a character builder! Sadiq is so smart and lovable, and my son continues to proclaim this series as one of his absolute favorites!!

I love how this series is a perfect bridge between advanced picture books and Middle Grade and I can’t recommend it enough!!!⠀

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