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Saints and Misfits

Age : YA ages 15 and up⠀

Islamic screening: physical assault (nothing too graphic). Music ref. Some cuss words said.⠀

There is intermixing between the genders, though Islamic boundaries and rules are stated. Dating is mentioned, other characters said it was wrong because Jeremy (Janna’s crush) was Non-Muslim, and they should find her a nice “muslim” guy. (Should be clarified that “dating” is wrong either way in my opinion)⠀

Janna does seem to eventually admit her feelings for a good Muslim guy in the community and possibly have a sort of relationship with him (though it isn’t physical).⠀

Janna’s older brother goes through the marriage process in a completely traditional Islamic way, and it was refreshing to see that represented!⠀

I actually really appreciated seeing the two different views-Muslims are different and it was nice to see the different viewpoints.⠀

Story- Janna is dealing with her feelings after being physically assaulted by a “religious” guy, and it seems to confuse her about her own religious identity, as well as push her towards acting on her crush of a guy at school. She does take off her hijab and flirt a few times, but by the end realizes that she doesn’t want to compromise her deen. Janna also struggles with her feelings about her parents divorce and her dad’s remarriage, and she mentions how unhappy the whole divorce made her.⠀

🌟A niqabi friend is a powerful girl in the story that helps Janna stand up for herself!🎉⠀

🌟I liked how the book brought up that even a “good” appearance can hide a bad person. This is true-and very relevant- in today’s world. ⠀

It is important to note that Amu, Janna’s uncle, is the imam of the Masjid, and an AWESOME figure of true religious knowledge, as well as a fountain of wisdom. His funny and religious quotes were the best to read!⠀

The juxtapositions in the book of both “saints” and “misfits” was wonderful. It showed that there are good and bad people in the world, and it is up to a person to stand up for themselves and stay strong in what they believe.⠀

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the sequel, which I hear is coming soon!!


price:12 usd

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