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Salaam Magazine

@salaammagazine is a wonderful and beautiful quarterly (4 times a year) Islamic magazine, but I would suggest it more for ages 9/10- 12 than the ages (6-12) that is stated on the back cover.⠀

The magazine is mostly for reading and learning, with a few pages of activities at the end. It is more for children who like to explore and discover the world and includes a lot of information that is perfect for the curious pre-teen to enjoy.⠀

There was a section full of science and scientific facts about a butterfly and its life-cycle. More animals were highlighted and talked about, and cool facts about them shown. ⠀

The city of Zanzibar was explored and we learned so many new facts that I felt like we almost visited it! (The photos were breathtaking!) I was so impressed that there are so many Muslims in Tanzania, and I learned so much about the culture and food there.⠀

Playgrounds around the world were also shown, and I loved the pictures and unique artistry showcased around the globe. It opens the mind to the uniqueness of different countries. ⠀

There was a craft section, a cooking recipe section, and a science experiment section. I found them to be entertaining and well written, and can easily be done by those ages 9 and up with minimal parental help.⠀

The activities are a mix of many different pages and age groups. Some were in my opinion too basic for ages 9 and up and some too hard for ages 6-9.⠀

My suggestion would be to make the magazine just for ages 9 and up, and make the activities a little more suitable for them. ⠀

An awesome comic at the end was wonderfully done, with important values and a fun exciting story perfect for young pre-teens to enjoy.⠀

My favorite part:🌟I love how the magazine related everything back to Islam and Allah’s creation.⠀

🌟The magazine taught important morals and sunnahs like caring/friendship and being eco-conscious.⠀

The illustrations and quality of the magazine are superb and the pages thick and durable, and I see this magazine being saved to be used over and over and enjoyed by my children for years to come. ⠀


price: 40 USD a year

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