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Salaam Mindfulness Journal

Such a unique book, perfect in today’s age, when mental health issues in children and teens are on the rise!!

Genre: Graphic mini-novel ⁠

Ages: 8-12⁠

Available: my amazon page-

This new release by @booksforlittlemuslims is absolutely fantastic!!⁠

I love how it’s a mindfulness journal, but done in a completely Islamic way with ayahs and hadiths sprinkled everywhere! I also really liked how it was made in such an easy to read format, and included cute doodles, pictures, and notes for the kids to learn from. ⁠

The book includes 13 chapters that are based on emotions: afraid, angry, disappointed, Grief, jealous, lonely, overwhelmed, sad, shy, sorry, upset, worried, and grateful. I loved how these emotions were written on small tabs on the top of the book for the kids to refer to them easily.⁠

Each chapter starts with a reminder, and a verse from the Quran to say, and then a two-page spread on what to do when the emotion is felt. The two page spread includes a checklist and then pictures detailing the checklist even more.⁠

I genuinely feel like this would be really useful for children, especially those that struggle with a lot of emotions. I feel like the fact that it is based on authentic Islamic resources makes it so amazing to have on hand. Me and my children loved reading through it, and I feel like it can be pulled out anytime there are major tantrums or emotions for children to read and work through. ⁠

The authors note was really helpful in talking about how to implement the book until the Islamic mindfulness becomes a part of the children’s character.⁠

And lastly I really loved how the book is called salaam, because peace of mind is really what we want for us and our kids

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