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A sweet and touching story about a refugees journey from his land to a new place.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Available: Amazon

Salih is a refugee. He carries his home on his back (or all thats left of it in a backpack). He remembers happy days in his home before the war started, and its hard for him to forget the bad memories.With the help of paint and paper, Salih and his friends draw and their emotions, which helps to heal. Salih puts the paintings in bottles and carries them onto the boat they are fleeing on, where the sea takes them. And then they reach their new home, hoping for love and joy.

Wow, this story is so heartfelt and touching. My heart moved with the simple words and the flowing art. The reader feels the pain of Salih and his hope as well. The art aspect was so beautiful as a way for Salih and the rest of the refugees to express their pain, like art therapy. And the hopeful tone of the book shows that all the refugees want in the end is a home full of love and peace.

Islam is represented through Muslim names and hijabs.

A gorgeous heartfelt book by @inda_binda and one that leaves its touch on the readers heart.❤️

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