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Shade7 Phases of the Moon and Moon Buggy Book

The coolest new moon books from @shade7_ !!!🎉🎉

Genre: Board Book and Baby Board book

Ages: both can work for ages 0-4 (my 3 year old also the moon buggy one!)

Available: @shade7_

These two new books are absolutely so gorgeous and well made!

These board books take Islamic themes and Islamic symbols (like the moon and how it is used in the calendar of Islamic months) and teach them to kids in an adorable way. And the way they are designed is so unique and creative for Muslim kids!

The baby moon buggy book has an attachable clip that my baby and toddler loved. Each page has glittery stars and font, black and white contrasting pages for little eyes, and a moon buggy activity to look for! Each page also had a moon phase to learn. The orange clip reminded me of astronauts and the sparkle aspect is so pleasing to look at.

The Phases of the Moon board book started with an ayah about the Moon being a sign from Allah, a duaa (from a hadith ) to say when you see the new moon, 8 page spreads of the different phases and their names, another Quranic ayah about the Moon phases, and lastly a page with the whole phase cycle and a glow in the dark surprise!

The whole book can be stood up and tied to stand independently and then closed and tied with the ribbon again. I like the STEM learning aspect and the Islamic details tied in.

Such a beautiful set and def one to be cherished in our home library❤️

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