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She Wore Red Trainers

Age recommendation: YA/ages 13 plus

Islamic concerns: none

This is a beautiful halal “romance” novel by @naimabrobertand from @kubepublishing

It is set in London and uses many British terms, but I found it quite easy to follow and super engaging (I stayed up all night to finish it!)


⭐️Amirah is an 18 year that is set against marriage. She’s seen what it’s done to her mother and wants a different life. She faces lewd advances from her stepfather which further cements her disgust of men. So she focuses on getting her “business”degree, though what she really likes is art.

⭐️Ali’s mother just died and his dad moved them to the city from the posh suburbs. He struggles with his newfound commitment to Islam and his changed life choices. He volunteers at the Masjid and it cements his desire to take a year break from uni.

⭐️Both are proud Black Muslims who struggle with career choices, family/friend issues, and regretful pasts that they are repenting from.

They chance upon each other...and one “halal” look is all it takes for them to get hooked. Amirah paints his hands and he recognizes her winning artwork online. They both struggle with figuring out if the other is interested (because they don’t want to cross boundaries) and the few encounters they have make their feelings grow.

Family members don’t always support their dreams/goals- but the book emphasizes that if you want something, you have to chase it (Islamically 😉)!

In the end, they find their way to each other and continue their life journey..together❤️

I absolutely loved this novel! It was super relatable and felt REAL! The characters are not perfect; they have flaws, but they learn from them.

Important lessons include the importance of Tawbah, turning to Allah, volunteering at Masjids, being active community leaders, listening to the young, and being true to yourself.

Get yours at Sirajstore


price: 12.95 usd

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