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Shirley and Jamilah Save their Summer

Genre: Middle Grade Graphic Novel⠀

Ages: 8-12⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

price: 11 usd

link: https://amzn.to/3mRzwAc

Islamic screening: LBTQ reference on one page where a side character mentions she has two mothers. ⠀

Story: Jamila does not want to go to science camp for the summer, and her mother is adamant she not spend it alone at home on technology. She meets Shirley at a garage sale and it turns out Shirley doesn’t want to be signed up for dance camp, and the two girls come up with a plan. Their mothers agree to let them spend their summer in the basketball court together.⠀

Jamila is really into basketball, but Shirley just sits and watches. Pretty soon, Jamila notices that Shirley is up to something weird. Kids randomly come up and talk to her and she always seems to be working on something random.⠀

When a boy comes crying about his stolen gecko, Jamila realizes Shirley is a detective and she joins her to try to solve the mystery. ⠀

It turns out a neighborhood kid has been snatching toys (and the gecko) out of loneliness for being locked up for the summer by his mothers for having cancer (because cancer treatment makes him more sensitive to sunburns/germs).⠀

The graphics were good and the story very entertaining. Jamila is a lovely Muslim character (her mother wears hijab outside the house but not in it) and there are references that they are immigrants. I really liked how this was not the focus and Jamila was just a regular girl that liked basketball, makes a friend, and likes to solve mysteries.⠀

The mystery part was really well written and is perfect for young inquisitive minds.⠀

I liked that this is a graphic novel with a muslim girl just having fun, and it overall was a good book and a light and easy read. ⠀

I also liked the focus on making new friends, and appreciating your friends, even with all their quirks and differences!⠀

Please note the Islamic screening before deciding if this book is right for you.

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