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Snowflake Craft

As the temperature drops, and I shiver with cold every time I leave my house, I remember the hadith:

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said, ‘When a person recites the following supplication, Allah says to Jahannam, ‘Indeed, a servant of mine has sought refuge in Me from you, bear testimony that I have granted him salvation from you

لا اله الا الله ما أشدّ برد هذا اليوم , اللهمّ أجرني من زمهرير جهنّم

There is no Diety besides Allah, how severe is the cold of today! O Allah, save us from the extreme cold of Jahannam.

To teach my kids this duaa, I made these fun snowflakes with them and had them write the duaa. Then we hung them up near the door so that we could remember the duaa each time we are about to go out and face the snow and ice.


1. Fold a piece of rectangle white paper to make a square. 2. Fold again to make a triangle and again in half both ways to make a cone shape. 3. Cut the pointy top of the cone off 4. Cut different shapes on either side of the paper cone 5. Unfold and VOILA! A unique snowflake appears! 6. You can do the same to the blue construction paper background but skip step 4!

I also used this opportunity to talk about how snowflakes are different and unique and yet all beautiful, just like all of Allah’s creations.

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