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Sofia Khan is Not Obliged

Updated: Nov 16

Genre: YA/Adult

Ages: 17/18 and up

Available: Amazon

Screening: main character is a practicing muslim that prays regularly, wears hijab, and loves her religion.

There is cussing, language about intimacy, and some gender touching. Smoking/alcohol. An LGBT side character.


Sofia Khan is a 30 yr old Pakistani-British hijabi and constantly being pressured by everyone in her life to get married. When she refuses to marry prospect Imran because he wants her to live with his parents, her boss at the publishing company she works at hears her woes. They come up with the idea of her writing a book about Muslim Dating, and Sofia starts online dating and interviewing her Muslim friends to get material.

Throughout her research she meets numerous guys: a player Muslim who doesn’t really care about Islam, a gay closeted Muslim, a guy who is religious but expects her to be a traditional wife that cooks and cleans, and a straight up jerk guy. Imran also comes back to profess his love for her and say he will move out of his parents…except she develops feelings for her next door white neighbor.

We read as Sofia struggles with her emotions towards these different men, and finally, at the end, finds love with someone who realizes what is important to her! I found it super Interesting that it was the guy who converted in this book because the girl was unwilling to sacrifice her deen for love. And he genuinely converts and follows Islam, its not just in name.

I did enjoy this read, although it is mature. I liked how so many different diverse Muslim couples and relationships were shown, including traditional, cultural, polygamous, and liberal. Racism, Islamic vs cultural struggles, and Islamaphobia are discussed and Sofia many times intelligently rebuffs criticisms about her religion with witty commentary about western society.

I liked how at the end, although Sofia had her struggles and her hard moments, she decided to be true to herself and her religion, and it was awesome to see Islam be so central to her identity and her search for love.

Also: DONT read the sequel! Just save yourself the heartbreak and end on the happy ending in this book!!

price: 15 usd

link: https://www.amazon.com/Sofia-Khan-Not-Obliged-heartwarming/dp/1785770039/ref=sr_1_1?crid=121I1B7DAQ8YM&dchild=1&keywords=sofia+khan+is+not+obliged&qid=1633705440&s=books&sprefix=Sofia+kh%2Cstripbooks%2C192&sr=1-1

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