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Sophia's Journal

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️So impressed with this book!!!

Genre: YA Chapter Book

Ages: best for ages 13-16

Available: Amazon/kindle @daybreakpress

price: 13 usd


Islamic screening: some girl/boy crushes mentioned but super clean! Full of Islamic facts, hijab, prayer, and overall very wholesome to read!

For any young girls who love historical stories like the Laura Ingalls series (I loved it when I was young), this book is perfect!

Full of American history, it explores the journey of Sophia, a young 16 year old Muslim girl who falls into the river while hiking with her family and is transported back in time.

Germaphobic and super cautious Sophia is thrust into the harsh life of an American settler’s life and she thrives and grows with all the hard work. She holds onto her Islam and faith, even though most around her are not Muslim.

Sophia encounters Native Americans, and discovers the racism and problems surrounding them. She also gets to know a slave that turns out to be a Muslim who was forcibly taken from his home in Africa.

I love how the book explores issues such as racism, slavery, American history, the abolitionist movement, and does so in an insightful and educational way.

Sophia realizes her purpose is to help those around her and she continues to stand up for injustice until she helps right many wrongs in her community.

The ending was so sweet and I love how Sophia’s journal survives and is delivered by her friend Abby’s descendants many years later! It made me tear up❤️

Sophia was a very lovely protagonist and I found myself rooting for her and wondering how she would find her way home. I love how she comes to the realization that everything happens for a reason that Allah alone knows, and she trusts that Allah will only lead her to what will help her.

I wish this book was around when I was a young teen!

A definite recommendation for young Muslim teens!!

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