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Space Puzzle

Honestly, this puzzle from @goodwordbooks is absolutely beautiful, wonderfully detailed, and an absolute amazing learning resource for little science enthusiasts.

The 20 piece puzzle is not too big or complicated, it is in a round shape and can easily be played with in a small room or on a small table, plus it comes with a little box that is perfect for storing the pieces when not in use.

The words describing space are in both Arabic and English, and I love that it gives an opportunity for kids to expand their vocabulary in both languages.

I love that this puzzle increases children’s interest in STEM-based learning, which is said to help children succeed in a variety of future careers. The colors of the puzzle are great and the quality superb. My kids, even my toddler, loved pointing out the different planets, the stars, and the rocket ships.

You can also buy this individually at @sirajstore


price: 13 usd

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